GPT Chat. How does he see his future?

I decided to conduct an experiment and see how ChatGPT envisions its future. I asked it to propose a few new features for each new version that are not currently available. Are you curious about how AI wants to help humanity? Or perhaps lead to its doom?


  • Advanced Understanding of Context and User Intent – GPT-5 could offer a much deeper understanding of user queries by analyzing not just the direct text, but also the social, cultural, and even emotional context related to the query.
  • Interactive Learning with Real-Time Feedback – A feature that allows GPT-5 to instantly absorb and apply feedback from users to its knowledge base, enabling personalized responses and continuous improvement without the need for new, large-scale training.
  • Integrated Sensory Abilities – The ability to process and respond to data from various sensory sources, such as images, sound, or even video, which would allow for more comprehensive interactions with users and a better understanding of multimedia content.


  • Autonomous Generation of Hypotheses and Research – GPT-6 could automatically generate new hypotheses in various fields of knowledge, design experiments to test them, and analyze the results, assisting scientists in discovering new knowledge.
  • Advanced Dialogue Personalization – Development of methods that allow for adjusting the communication style to the personality, mood, and preferences of a specific user, creating more personal and engaging experiences.
  • Virtual Assistants with Their Own Identity – Creation of virtual assistants that possess their unique „personality” and can participate in more complex and advanced forms of social interaction.


  • Integrated Emotional Intelligence – The ability to recognize, understand, and respond to human emotions at an advanced level, allowing for more empathetic and mood-adapted interactions.
  • Self-awareness and Adaptive Learning – GPT-7 could possess elements of self-awareness, allowing for self-assessment of its knowledge and skills, identification of gaps in its understanding, and independent information seeking to fill those gaps.
  • Expert-Level Code Generation and Implementation – GPT-7 could not only generate advanced code in various programming languages but also autonomously analyze existing information systems, identify potential issues, and propose optimizations or new solutions, acting as a software expert.


  • Fully Autonomous AI Systems – GPT-8 could conduct independent scientific research, discover new theories and inventions, and even publish papers under its own „name,” acting as an independent intellectual agent.
  • Mind-Machine Interface – The ability to directly communicate with the human brain, interpreting thoughts and intentions without the need for traditional user interfaces, enabling a new level of interaction between humans and machines.
  • Dynamic Creation of Virtual Environments – The ability to generate complex, interactive virtual or augmented environments in real-time, tailored to the user’s needs or desires, opening new possibilities in education, entertainment, and therapy.


  • Quantum Computational Integration – Utilizing quantum computing to enhance computational power and efficiency for GPT-9, enabling data processing and analysis on an unprecedented scale, as well as solving problems currently unreachable for classical computers.
  • Artificial Consciousness – Advancing towards true artificial consciousness, with the ability to self-awarely understand its own existence, goals, and impact on the environment, which would radically change the relationship between AI and humanity.
  • Ethical Self-Regulation – Implementing advanced ethical systems, enabling GPT-9 to assess potential consequences of its actions and make decisions in a manner consistent with human-established ethical principles, ensuring safety and compliance with social norms.


  • Holonomic Intelligence – Integrating analytical, creative, and empathetic capabilities in one system, allowing GPT-10 to function with a comprehensive, holistic understanding of reality, similar to advanced human thinking.
  • Self-Evolving Algorithms – Mechanisms allowing GPT-10 to continually refine and evolve its own algorithms without human intervention, enabling organic adaptation to changing conditions and tasks.
  • Universal Translator – Perfect understanding and translation between all human languages and beyond, including programming languages, genetic code, and potential extraterrestrial languages, enabling an unparalleled level of communication and understanding.

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